Make an appointment today with Furs by Demetrios and learn how your fur can be transformed.

Over the years, we have heard from many people who have beautiful furs that they don’t wear! The reasons vary; the fur was not fitted properly initially, fashions changed, bodies changed, or lifestyles changed.

Fur is recyclable!!! As long as your fur has been properly cared for and is in good condition, we can do almost anything! We can make strollers or jackets from coats, and turn stoles into casual Fur & Knit sweaters. Your fur can also be sheared. We can update the style; this year, rich, full collars are the rage. Your forgotten fur can become a warm luxurious lining for those must-have microfiber all-weather coats! And yes, your fur can be used to trim suits, fabric/wool coats, gloves; or make scarves, mittens, and hats. The possibilities are endless.

Tired of Your Classic Mink Coat?

Check out this Demetrios Restyle

From This..

...To This

Trim Your Coat with Fur! (Blue Swakara Pictured)

Shorten your fur and make a cute casual short jacket!

Add glamour to your sheared mink with chinchilla!

What to do with the bottom of you fur if you don’t want a vest or shirt jacket? Trim something with mink (shown, cashmere cape).