Care Tips

Furs by Demetrios suggests the easy-care tips below to help protect your fur and keep it in great condition.

  • Always hang your fur garment on a broad-shouldered hanger. Give the fur enough room in the closet so the fur is not crushed.
  • Never store a fur in a plastic bag. Plastic prevents air from circulating and can dry out the leather. If you want to cover your fur, use a cloth bag.
  • Never leave a fur near heat.
  • If a fur gets wet, shake it out and hang it up to dry in a place where air circulates. Once dry, shake it out again.
  • Never, never comb or brush fur.
  • Never mothproof a fur. If you are worried about moths that is another reason for storing your fur during the warm months.
  • Store your fur during the warm season. Modern storage vaults are temperature and humidity controlled to protect them.
  • Have furs cleaned regularly by a fur specialist (not a dry cleaner). Professional fur cleaning removes dirt, keeps leather soft, and brings back the fur's original luster, thus prolonging the garment's life.
  • Repair any small rips or tears immediately by a professional furrier.
  • Avoid leaving a fur hanging in a bright place. The light can cause the fur to oxidize or change color.
  • Do not allow jewelry or shoulderbag straps to rub against fur.
  • Do not pin jewelry or flowers on your fur.
  • Never spray perfume or cologne directly on fur. The alcohol will dry out the leather and stiffen the guard hairs.